Profile/ Lucin specializes in symbols and conceptual subjects. In 2017 he graduated from Long Island Post university.

With a Master’s degree in Computer science. Soon after, he began working as an art director forming his own business.

Conversely, he is learning to use content strategies to advertise and sell his art. He got awarded the Silas Rode award.

Lucin also has a second master’s in art teaching at Lehman College in the Bronx. The different gender, such as Yemen culture, leads him to learn geometric designs. As a result, Islamic patterns are a feature of his art. Similarly, combined with concepts in their natural environment. His technique is prominent as a conceptualization of symbolism. BIOGRAPHY

Further, by releasing pigments in a repetitive form. He’s able to interpret flowing energy in the visual. This refers to physics in the arts caused by internal and external reactions. Transformed not by accidental brush strokes but by controlled designation.


For many years working at a school created murals. Feeling the need to express himself beyond his artistic arena. He began exhibiting in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the gallery represented him. He continues creating artwork at Bay Shore studio on Long Island.



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