1966 to Present

Gustavo Lucin

To begin with, by trade Lucin is an art director major in Arts Communication and Design.

Furthermore, Lucin uses oil, for its pigments and its broad range with unlimited techniques.

Biography Curriculum


In addition, he has his own channel on youtube and has published fifty-eight art video lessons.

Further, using an orthodox approach to engaging viewers in his art lessons. for the purpose of telling a story.

Previously, In 1992 got awarded by the School of visual arts the Silas Rodes Scholarship.

Following his graduation in 1996 with a bachelor’s in Fine Arts, Illustration. he began working as an illustrator for novel cover books.

Other job offers became available such as renovating churches. it became a period of productivity and apprenticeship.

And learned to adopt different techniques to his art. That, later on, will be his trade.



In fact, his art philosophy embraces ideas from different sources from outside, to make on his own.

Because taking risks and destroying ideas to reborn with new ones, are his forte

Subsequently, a third major as a Fine Art Teacher at Lehman College has extended the range of his talent.

The different gender such as Yemen culture from schools lead him to learn geometric designs.


As a result, Islamic Patterns are combined with concepts in their natural light environment.


For instance, we feel the wind blowing in our hair, and how we interpret as a flowing energy in the visual?

Kinetics is an optical effect of creating movement, on the other hand, Releasing pigments and brushstrokes to imitate the speed of his subjects.

life history

Likewise, the spread of oil pigments is a bridge, To connect all subjects and objects causes them to project his concepts in space.

The same occurs with images but illustrating in one fragment images in an infinito time.

Last but not least, that only painting along with other media can freeze and preserve in a suspended time.


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