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OIL PAINTINGS “The Field” 11.3″ x 22″ Mix Media, 2017 BRIEF HISTORY In the pass, the lighthouse functioned more as an entrance marker to ports. Consequently, then as a warning signal for reefs and promontories. Afterward, mariners found their way through fires built on hilltops. GUIDED PATH Likewise, improve visibility, placing the light on a … Read More

Horse Racing

December 20, 2021By Lucin GustavoBlog posts

  DYNAMICS LEARNING IMPRESSION I like to re-create that moment we feel when we watch them speeding. In the first place, by placing the objects next to each other. Likewise, using geometric shapes together as a plane. Then, build layers. Video Link   “The Front Runner” 30″ x 14″ Oil on canvas 2017 HORSE RACING … Read More


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LIFE REFLECTIONS MIND SETTING Relate to life cycle concepts. Such as life and death.  I developed this series directed to observation and reflection. CYCLE DISTORTIONS Equally, projecting through colors and symbols alluring reactions to our perceptions. Video Link “Moving On” 7″ x 7″ Oil on Paper 2021 LIFE REFLECTIONS MEANINGFUL OBSERVATIONS We get so confused about what’s … Read More

Environmental Art

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  NATURE ENVIRONMENT Every culture has its ways of taking care of nature further, all in the name of progress. Incidentally, greed win most of the time. In addition, some governments do not address the problem deep enough. Afterwards, we do not even think about the causes. As a result, the extinction of many species … Read More

The Infinite

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  Boundless Time The image above represents the path we walk in life from beginning to end. Just as it is our being in this world. Video Link   Forever Infinite Learning Wisdom According to philosophers is a non-ending constraint. Related to the life cycle. It begins with the proper aspect of life and the … Read More

Dream Catcher

October 2, 2021By Lucin GustavoBlog posts

  Enigma A talisman used to protect us, from bad dreams. The circle flows through the feathers and allows good dreams to go to the person. Somehow dreams that haunt us are caused by problems in the physical world.  Nevertheless, manageable and inexplicable. Revealed Mindset And that is when our reasoning tells us it is a … Read More

Pilar Pascual

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  POSING MODELING Studio Meeting On that day, she came dressed as ready to dance. Indeed, pose for us four times every Monday for four hours. As a ticket of appreciation, some students gave her posing drawings. video link POSING MODELING Finding and Discovering Above is one best piece about her under the teacher’s request … Read More

Visual Metamorphosis

August 1, 2021By Lucin GustavoBlog posts

    Finding meaning The development of an object is the term we use to indicate shape-fluctuation in art. It allows an artist to transform a shape representing one item into a similar form. VIDEO REFERENCE Visual Metamorphosis “Octopus” 14″ x 17″ Watercolor 2019 Finding Meaning Descriptive Meaning  Certainly, what is essential? is value and … Read More

Summer Celebration

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Rejoicing Life     “Manhattan Sunset” 12″ x 12″ Oil on Canvas 2017 Heat is here, and after a year of hibernation due to the COVI19, we are ready to reclaim our freedom. So enjoy an excellent refreshing view. God bless you all. Rejoicing Life To begin with, It is a view by the lower … Read More

Documenting Art

June 1, 2021By Lucin GustavoBlog posts

EVOKE EVOQUE ENVIRONMENT “CITY REFLECTIONS” Watercolor on bristle paper, 14″ x 17″ 2012 Miles David’s sketches of Spain inspire the title. Further, a masterpiece of jazz release in 1960. Buildings flowing like a fan recalls the wind in the winter. It is the cadence within the image for New York seems to wave at people, … Read More

Showcase Art

May 6, 2021By Lucin GustavoBlog posts

Display First, we find representations of people everywhere, however in contemporary art, portraits are much more than pure representation. The above represents what is considered in new art. When it comes to custom, we get an itch to find out who is behind. Further, this creates mystery. The purpose here relies on separating “Good and Evil.” Batman … Read More

Patterns in Art

May 1, 2021By Lucin GustavoBlog posts

  UNDERLINE MEANING  “Majestic Eyes”, size: 18″x 24″ Oil on canvas 2019 video link In the first place, the patterns concept is an underlying structure that organizes surfaces and structures. A consistent drawing, painting, and design manner are essential to achieving a structured effort in composition. It directs the eye to every single detail in … Read More

The Art Assignment

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FINE ART SERIES     The Art Assignment To begin with, this is the first time in ten years I sculpt. Likewise, sculpting is based on observation, and the concepts needed a slight turn. For example, forms turned into planes. Further, I recalled taking me three months to complete. Indeed, it did require physical labor, … Read More

Spring Paintings

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  BLOSSOMS/TREE LANDSCAPES WEEPING CHERRY TREE 18″ x 24″ Oil on cold press paper, 2017 Welcome to the spring, ladies and gentlemen. Let us feel grateful we are passing by halfway to overcome this epidemic that affected us very bad, we are survivors. Furthermore, my portrait commissions came to an end until I get new … Read More

Portraits in Art

March 1, 2021By Lucin GustavoBlog posts

PORTRAITS IN ART Portrait Subjects First to tell this is a portrait in oil commissioned by a good friend of mine Jorge Navarro. His wife and grandson Soonah and Miles. To follow up, “Soonah saw the painting, she cried of emotion,” Jorge, replied. On the other hand, Miles’s parents were astonished by the likeness of … Read More

Virtual Exhibits

January 6, 2021By Lucin GustavoBlog posts

DEVELOPMENT Before long, happy New Year to everybody, and I hope everything will normalize very soon. However, it is a fact that it will be over more quickly and that day we all will celebrate along with our dear ones.  VIRTUAL EXHIBITS The above artwork in development is called “Azahal,” based on symbolism. It belongs … Read More