underline meaning

Patterns in Art

PATTERNS IN ART UNDERLINE MEANING “Majestic Eyes”, size: 18″x 24″ Oil on canvas 2019 video link In the first place, the patterns concept is an underlying structure that organizes surfaces and structures.  A consistent drawing, painting, and design manner are essential to achieving a structured effort in composition. It directs the eye to every single […]

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Fine Art Series

The Art Assignment

THE ART ASSIGNMENT FINE ART SCENES CARLA’S 18″ x 24″ OIL ON CANVAS 2020 video Link THE ART ASSIGNMENT To begin with, this is the first time in ten years I sculpt. Likewise, sculpting is based on observation, and the concepts needed a slight turn. For example, forms turned into planes. Further, I recalled taking […]

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Spring Paintings

SPRING PAINTINGS BLOSSOMS WEEPING CHERRY TREE 18″ x 24″ OIL ON PAPER, 2017 Welcome to the spring, ladies, and gentlemen. Let us feel grateful we are passing by halfway to overcoming this epidemic that affected us very badly, we are survivors. Furthermore, my portrait commissions came to an end until I get new ones. Moreover, there […]

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