Objective art
Certainly, people have a kind of affinity with water. In addition, to be very attractive, folks love it, For its mysterious and moody qualities. Further shorelines are a common choice among collectors because of this: It is a different compositional tool.



Likewise, the subject is one of the significant elements in the world. Consequently, artists will dedicate the entire canvas to it: For instance, enhancing the scene with boats and trees, or building ambiance with a sunset sky. Marina scape canvas art that merges the incredible colors of a sunset upon a still torrent is viewed as calming and relaxing. Above all The perfect scene to come home to after a long day.

scene seascapes paint


However, there are many elements incorporated within the contemporary landscape then canvas art and styles do vary.
To clarify some artists may ebb towards abstraction and impressionist works while others will remain true to realism: there are few rules parse with regards to contemporary art.


Before I developed a concept, I was fortunate to study with excellent art teachers at the School of Visual Arts back in 1995 in Manhattan, NY.
Learning composition was and still a revelation for I’m able to conceptualized ideas taken from real experiences, 
For instance, in the painting above, “UNBOUND,” my main objective is to portrait broken relations. Meanwhile, two figures are departing, not in a happy ending to an unknown voyage.
To clarify, I purposely cover the male with a turban to show uncertainty, and the female portrait-ed backward to show no emotions. On the other hand, the ocean, the boat, the dog, and the sky are the symbols. In short, A state of mind where the good moments of living in harmony have vanished. 


objective art
In the first place, throughout, history The mask has serves many purposes
Many cultures used for performing arts, Others for rituals such as becoming part of the society and engagement.


Then, there is something about masks that makes people act what they feel inside. For example, give a cover to somebody and watch how they become this other person.
Consequently, The inevitable separation of feelings, For another person lies within ourselves. Meaning, when we feel the emotion of abandonment, we do not think it for the other person. In reality, we feel it for ourselves.

“Our emotions could be our worst enemy, but also our best friend.”


Finally, painting a subject like this helps me to bridge my emotions to a disclosure. An affirmative disclosure that momentarily lapses in time, until we forget it.
In short, I’m sure we have been through the same experience, and I like to share it with you.

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