How My Passion Began

I live and work in Long Island. My inspiration comes from our environment, and it is within me. I have the drive and desire to express myself through images.

More about Me

My major objective is to turn ideas into descriptive scenes like love, despair, humor, and matter within social contexts.

Distinctive Style


Releasing pigments in a repetitive form. I'm able to interpret flowing energy in the visual. This refers to physics in the arts caused by internal and external reactions. Transformed not by accidental brush strokes but by controlled designation.



About Me


Emotions Through Painting


Messages on every layer denote life concerns. Philosophy about living and dying commemorates a rebirth of our hopefulness. Therefore, my work explores the souls of the living and the spiritual entity within us.




Group Show Exhibitions

Mills Pond Gallery - Long Island - "Inspired By Long Island", 2017

Dandford Inn Hall - Port Jefferson - 2017

Juried Portrait Show - Huntington, New York - 2010

Arte Latino - Saint James - 2009

The Artist Next Door - Saint James - 2009

Land and Sea - Far Rockaway - 2007

Changing Holyday Group Show - Manhattan NY - 2003

New Talent Artists - Manhattan NY - 2002

Spring Show - Bronx - 2001

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