Lucin art is an expression of our most intimate thoughts and feelings.  Further, it is a universal emotion within our human condition. We all experience sorrow, loss, loneliness, happiness, and hope. Emotions that unify us to be people of the world.

This living process is a stepping stone to discovering the self. We find familiar and comforting safety zones for our souls in hardships confronting emotions.


Across history, from religious and spiritual rituals of rebirth and cleansing. This resistance is a driven force contributing to everybody’s personal development as a human being.


From environmental issues to political subjects are part of this team. Not apparently at first, for using colors is a primary input to grab viewers’ attention.

Messages on every layer denote life concerns. Philosophy about living and dying commemorates a rebirth of our hopefulness. Therefore, my work explores the souls of the living and the spiritual entity within us.


On the other hand, place an object within a vast space, and in the end, “Watch how these images call for simplicity.” So, The way of seeing things as their pure form stands for a moment in life to wish for living in harmony.


At times aesthetic, at times symbolistic, my mind asks for a moment of peace for carrying the indulgences of the world. In need of peace.

Furthermore, my purpose through my art is to tell a story. A message to create awareness about our environment. Such as finding a solution to preserve our planet.

Hence, exposing images may impact someone now or later on. The idea is to seed in peoples’ minds new reforms to stop the devastation of our resources.

Besides, people come and go, and we are not permanent on this globe. However, this is enough reason to live a peaceful and enjoyable life.

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